Our Customers

What We Offer!

As System integrator, indenter and supplier, we can provide “included but not limited to” the following scope;

  • General Order Supplies
  • ESD Products I.e. ESD Workbenches, ESD Chairs, ESD Mats, Gyro Stat Anti-Static Turntable, Ionizers, Shoes, Gloves and personal grounding products. (Standard: BS EN 61340-5-1:2007)
  • All type of Aviation Chemicals Consumables, Lubricants and Greases etc.
  • Electrical and Electronics / Avionics Parts / System, Test Equipment and PMEs
  • Supply and maintenance of AGE including GPUs, A/C Battery Charger, Frequency Converter, Battery Capacity Tester, Load Bank Analyzer AC/DC.
  • IT Services including Computer Hardware, Software, Data Networking etc.
  • Office Equipment, Supplies and Lab Equipment etc.
  • Telecom Equipment and Services, CCTV Surveillance Solutions
  • RF Equipment, PME, tailored made System by our sole OEM and spare parts
  • Public Safety and Security Products i.e. Walk Through Metal Detector, X Ray Baggage Scanner, Hand Held Metal Detector, UVIS, Liquid Detectors etc.
  • Repairing / Maintenance of Electronics / Avionics Equipment including University Electronics Labs /Test Equipment.
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Contracts